Mountain West Concrete Inc. has been serving the Billings area for over 26 years.

We pride ourselves on high quality work at a reasonable price.

I highly recommend Mountain West Concrete Inc. for any cement work you may need. Phil and Nate were so helpful with making sure my patio was exactly what I wanted. They spent a lot of time going over the process with me and offered professional advice to get the best out of my patio. It turned out great! It is beautifully stamped with the random stone design.

My place is on a hill and they made sure the patio was sloped perfectly so I wouldn't have any water problems with all of the rain we've had this year. They also excavated my entire yard and built a retaining wall in front of the patio. I am extremely pleased with everything!

Phil and Nate are very professional, personable and trustworthy. They go out of their way to make sure you are happy. Thank you so much!!!"

Jennifer Brown - Home Owner



Need Ideas?

No problem. This isn't our first rodeo. We have just about seen it all. We have solutions for visual appeal, functionability, and water issues. Speaking of water issues, the first question one asks before designing a project is, "Where is the water going to go?" Concrete should be installed in a way that helps to protect the structural integrity of your home and investment. The water must always run away from your home or structure. One method we use to secure the concrete next to your home is by the use of rebar doweled into the structure every two feet. This will virtually eliminate the chance of the concrete sinking.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Years of experience
  • Design expertise
  • 6-sack concrete mix
  • Smaller grooved squares
  • Rebar dowelled every 2 foot
  • Effective ground compaction
  • Concrete sprayed with surface sealer
  • 2-3 inches of compacted roadmix

We specialize in the following types of concrete work:

Any Phase of construction

No matter where you are at, from commercial to residential or new constuction to remodel, we can help you start the project or finish an existing one.